Siren Says Zine

Raddest Salutations, Bookwyrms! Welcome to my grunge-tastic alt-lit grotto, where you’ll find issues of my new micro-zine, Siren Says. It’s just a little side project I’m trying out. Check it out and shell me what you think!

I’m hoping to do one issue per month, but we’ll sea how it goes. If you’re interested in getting a physical copy, or if you’d just like to support the neo-90s Rebel Gill dream, leave a few doubloons (and mailing info, if applicable) in my ko-fi tip jar ($3 min).

Stay salty, my Rebel Wyrms!



Cover of the Siren Says October 2022 issue.  PDF link below.  The cover shows me, NeriSiren, taking a mirror selfie in my sea witch pirate queen outfit.  Long purple hair, a crown made of dinglehoppers, a black sports bra, vertical grey and white striped pants, and an oil-slick colored fish net belt.  The background, as well as my skin, are a grungey grey.  

There’s a smaller, neon-colored image of me, in the same piratey get-up, in the bottom right corner.  The words Holy Chic are set in a red and black stencil font against the wall to the right of the mirror.