Close-up of a mock pulp sci-fi cover that has a dark blue background with a white haze and a faded image of a radar screen. The title, in red and white type, says


Close-up of the cover of John Oliver's Marlon Bundo book. You see a watercolor image of a smiling white rabbit with tall, perked-up ears that shift into grey towards the middle and black at the tips. He has a black standing-egg-shaped patch around each eye, and he's wearing a big bow-tie with a multicolored checkerboard pattern. He has a large grey patch over his tummy.

News, Views, and Challenges

A photo of a dark blue towel with bright red trim at the top, as well as a few bright red and paler blue stripes near the middle. You can also just see the top of the white outline of an anchor in the middle. At the top left edge of the towel is a light turquoise and violet ombre flip-flop with a scale pattern and the word MERMAID printed sideways, from the toe to the heel. On the grass next to the shoe is a pile of books, with a shadow falling over them and the flip-flop. From top to bottom, you see: a book with the face of a red-headed goddess, turned to the left; covering the bottom half of the face is a volume of the Lumberjanes comics; next are two issues of Girls' Life magazine; then a copy of Positivity Camp and Sweet Valley Kids #49 (Jessica's Mermaid); and, finally, a teen paperback romance with a young Jennifer Connolly on the cover, held by a teen guy with a mop of dark brown curls. The title reads: Once in California.

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