Welcome to NeriSiren’s Coffee Grotto! Enter my CafePress shop and discover a world of mermaid shenanigans, coffee obsession*, bookwyrm pride*, and blatant millenial nostalgia (pop quiz! Which 80s/90s sitcom featured adorable twins tag-teaming to play a cheeky toddler spouting such memorable catchphrases as “Don’t have a cow!” and “You got it, dude!”?). You know, all the things you love hearing me ramble on about here @ Postcards!


The More You Know:

A little background on my first two designs:

The first design is a G-rated homage to the vintage Limonade Brault poster (NSFW), updated with mermaids from the folklore of six different regions of the world. Counter-clockwise, we see the Japanese ningyo, the Slavic rusalka, the Afro-Caribbean Mami Wata, the Australian yawkyawk, the Norse/Celtic selkie, and the Aztec Chalchiuhtlicue. I kept their poses and hairstyles exactly as they appear in the original poster, but changed their clothing and the colors of their tails based on the various descriptions and folk images of each figure.

The second design is, of course, a Full House reference. Obviously.


* Designs forthcoming