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Nostalgic Review: shorts edition

Ever since I started the Nostalgic Review feature, I’ve been meaning to do a post on my favorite/most-clearly-remembered short stories from grade- and high-school English classes.  Remember those awesome lit textbooks you always wished you could keep after the semester … Continue reading

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Scholarly Musings: Dolphins, Wolves, and Neo-Transcendentalists (oh my!)

Well, you know November has come…when it’s gone away. (just thought I’d ease you into this very academic post with a pop culture reference :-D) Happy T(of)urkey Day, everyone! May your pumpkin pies be tasty and your tryptophan-induced comas relaxing. … Continue reading

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Nostalgic Review: Afternoon of the Elves

Janet Taylor Lisle.  Afternoon of the Elves.  New York: Orchard Books, 1989. I think I first read this for a book report in fifth grade.  I remember the teacher giving us a list of titles we could choose from, and … Continue reading

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