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“Spring has come again already” – Lithuanian poetry through the ages

My Lithuanian Year continues as I delve into more of the Baltic nation’s literary history.  For National Poetry Month, I’ve decided to research five of Lithuania’s best-known poets, from the nineteenth century to the present.  From the age of the … Continue reading

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“Nothing about him reminded me of humanity.”

So, did everyone see Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast?  Any thoughts?  I thought it was an ok remake, though of course the 1991 film was better.  Only Angela Lansbury can sing the title song, amirite? I did like the very Rococo … Continue reading

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Scholarly Musings: Dolphins, Wolves, and Neo-Transcendentalists (oh my!)

Well, you know November has come…when it’s gone away. (just thought I’d ease you into this very academic post with a pop culture reference :-D) Happy T(of)urkey Day, everyone! May your pumpkin pies be tasty and your tryptophan-induced comas relaxing. … Continue reading

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Scholarly Musings: Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen.  Sense and Sensibility.  London: Penguin Classics, 2003.  382 pgs (including the Tony Tanner intro). Oh la, the time carriage has arrived!—and the driver is most impatient to return to her native era.  Time to don my literary nerd … Continue reading

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