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Salt inside the words: Helen Frost on writing for children

A few weeks ago, Fort Wayne author Helen Frost led a children’s lit workshop at the Allen County Public Library, where she offered advice on historical research, “writing the other,” and not stressing too much about the children’s publishing industry. … Continue reading

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“Spring has come again already” – Lithuanian poetry through the ages

My Lithuanian Year continues as I delve into more of the Baltic nation’s literary history.  For National Poetry Month, I’ve decided to research five of Lithuania’s best-known poets, from the nineteenth century to the present.  From the age of the … Continue reading

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Ghastly stories for the biggest scare-seekers

Do you keep a night light on on Halloween, just in case?  Do thoughts of the undead keep you unrested?  Or are you all about the vampire bats and the plague-haunted castles and the vengeful murder victims come back to … Continue reading

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Poisoned apples, twisted tales, and mer-lore

  Yep, it’s time for more re-worked fairy tale collections, including another Windling/Datlow book!  Hey, I’ll keep reviewing them as long as I keep finding ’em 🙂 Christine Heppermann. Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty. New York: Greenwillow Books, 2014. This … Continue reading

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Nursery Rhyme Redux

Three years ago, before Fairy Tale Comics, there appeared in the folklore-themed-comicsphere… What I love about this collection is that the illustrators treat the rhymes like little stories, following the original words but interpreting them in different ways.  It’s “not a parody … Continue reading

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2013 Hall o’ Faves

Edit 01-06-14:  Cannot. Believe. I left out the Sherlock Holmes stories (Vol. 2 of the Barnes & Noble ed.; I read Vol. 1 in 2012). Cannot. Believe it. (Shut up, Naruto.) Edit:  Oops! Missed one. Sorry ’bout that, October Daye … Continue reading

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Swaying in my hammock

For this month’s Exchange, Book Bloggers International asks:  What’s your favorite reading spot? Is it a comfy chair?  A sweet sofa?  A reading nook by a window?  A place in the park?  A coffee shop?  Your bed?  Your deck or … Continue reading

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Of Tattlesnakes and Tubaboons, Clocktopi and Spatuloons…a belated poetry-related post

It’s time for another episode of “While Wandering Through the Library the Other Day…” So… I was wandering through the library the other day, when I saw this: An intriguing title, pretty cover art, and the promise of more poetic … Continue reading

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“Ten miške, kur eglės ošią…”

Inspired by Jean of Howling Frog Books, whose January posts focused on lesser-known children’s titles from (mostly) outside the U.S., I thought I’d share a few of the classic Lithuanian stories I grew up with. . . . . . … Continue reading

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“The heart of it not in the chosen—the act itself the main, the quadriennial choosing”

For the Tea with Transcendentalists challenge (I know it’s not an official event anymore, I don’t think, but I’m still going to do a post or two this month just for fun), I offer the following Whitmanian sentiment on Election Day. … Continue reading

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