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My Literary Travel Bucket List

Shocking statement of the decade:  I’m one of those readers who like to blur the line between fantasy and reality.  When I read about a particularly dreamy setting, my internal voice turns into Liz Lemon, whispering, I want to go … Continue reading

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It’s still summer in Sweet Valley.

If you’re lucky enough to live where the mercury never falls below 50, you can totally still sneak in some beach reading in these early days of Autumn.  And what’s beachier than a nostalgic romp through Sweet Valley, California?  Better … Continue reading

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Grimm and Grimmer: twisted fairy tales for more mature trick-or-treaters

We continue our Halloween journey, collecting five scary tales for middle-grade and older readers.  The Scare-o-Meter ratings are more varied here; the mildest story gets a 5, the scariest one a solid 10. These stories teach us Very Important Lessons, … Continue reading

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And how’s YOUR summer job? (mermaid edition)

Ah, the summer job.  A classic coming-of-age experience for many teens —  a chance to learn responsibility, gain new skills, and earn some extra clams.  My first job back in high school was, of course, shelving books at my hometown … Continue reading

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The comics update: Mystical planets, skateboarding ninjas, and Azzazian warrior queens

Another Free Comic Book Day come and gone.  Fort Wayne has several great comics shops, as well as an amazing downtown library, so I definitely wasn’t lacking in places to hit up for free comics.  The library even had special … Continue reading

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Selkies, shape-shifters, and maybe mermaids.

Betsy Cornwell.  Tides.  Boston: Clarion, 2013. Noah and Lo Gallagher are spending the summer with their grandmother, Dolores, on the Isles of Shoals.  Noah is there for a marine biology internship, while Lo hopes to spend the time drawing and … Continue reading

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2013 Hall o’ Faves

Edit 01-06-14:  Cannot. Believe. I left out the Sherlock Holmes stories (Vol. 2 of the Barnes & Noble ed.; I read Vol. 1 in 2012). Cannot. Believe it. (Shut up, Naruto.) Edit:  Oops! Missed one. Sorry ’bout that, October Daye … Continue reading

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“The unicorn lived in a lilac wood…”

Peter S. Beagle.  The Last Unicorn.  New York:  ROC – Penguin, 1991.  212 pgs. . . . . . . . . Tell me that opening line doesn’t make you go all glittery-eyed with childlike wonder.  So far, this is … Continue reading

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2011 favorites

These are my favorite reads from 2011 – not all of these titles were published in 2011, and some aren’t “Juv/YA” titles per se, but no matter! Castle Waiting, Vol. 2, by Linda Medley.  Pub. 2010. The art and writing … Continue reading

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Brian Selznick.  Wonderstruck.  New York:  Scholastic, 2011.  608 pages. A former wishlist book, inspired by the Waking Brain Cells review. See also the BookPage review of The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which describes Selznick’s early career and the inspiration for … Continue reading

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