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Why you should (allow yourself to) read “below your capabilities.”

Or:  “Reading Without Limits” Goes Both Ways  This is somewhat of a prelude to my Decade-End Review, and somewhat of a response to: Recent discussions on appropriate tween books (scroll down to the “Clean Teen” section), Debates over appropriate trick-or-treating ages … Continue reading

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Salted caramel, with extra foam…

An October Report, of sorts. Due to Real World complications and Other Projects, I’m taking a bit longer to read the latest October Days novel than I’d hoped.  Therefore, rather than a full book review, I would like to offer … Continue reading

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La La Land has a new address!

Hear ye, Hear ye!   With songs and spells and a pinch of pixie dust, I have finally simplified the portal into La-La Land!  My faithful Postcardians may now enter their beloved land of literary tomfoolery and fairy tale fangirling … Continue reading

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Literary Candy Crushes

Last year, posted an article on the evolution of “Fantasy Candy Kingdoms” in children’s literature — from Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house to Seanan McGuire’s world of Confection in Beneath the Sugar Sky (hello, TBR pile!) Upon re-reading the article, … Continue reading

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Mindful Make-believe: “The Gypsy Game” on compassionate cosplay

Spooky Salutations, Postcardians!  Welcome to… Halloween Month 2019! Re: this year’s theme.  Rather than Selkies, Sequels, and Second Chances, I’ve decided to focus on Compassionate Cosplay, (Literary) Candy Crushes, and Sinister Selchies (look, there’s a ‘c’ in there!) Today’s post will … Continue reading

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It’s still summer in Sweet Valley.

If you’re lucky enough to live where the mercury never falls below 50, you can totally still sneak in some beach reading in these early days of Autumn.  And what’s beachier than a nostalgic romp through Sweet Valley, California?  Better … Continue reading

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Salt inside the words: Helen Frost on writing for children

A few weeks ago, Fort Wayne author Helen Frost led a children’s lit workshop at the Allen County Public Library, where she offered advice on historical research, “writing the other,” and not stressing too much about the children’s publishing industry. … Continue reading

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Summer of ’69 / ’94 / ’19

Alakazam, Postcardians!  #notsorry, but I did suggest in my previous post (now private) that “Goodbye for Now” might turn into “Merely a Hiatus,” and/or that I might take a break from Other Big Projects to sneak in a post or … Continue reading

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The 2018 Review

Welcome, Postcardians, to another celebration of a year in La-La Land!  Have a metaphorical seat by the imaginary fireplace, and enjoy a virtual taste of my grandmother’s gingerbread mushrooms! * Overview * First, a big Thank You!!! to everyone who … Continue reading

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The October Report: Night and Silence

Apparently, the faeries snuck one last gift into my bag before we left the Twilight Realm. Rating:  4.89 out of 5 nasty, allergy-inducing sachets of marsh magic. The newest October Daye book, Night and Silence, is so amazeballs that the faeries … Continue reading

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