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I’m a Juv/YA writer and lover of twisted fairy tales (particularly of the undersea variety, and especially with queer themes/protagonists).  Bring me your merrow, your selkies, your undines, your ciguapas!  Take me under sea, over rainbow, into the land of the unicorns, through Castle Waiting, and across the candy corn fields of Nonsense!  The scent of my magic is Sweet Tarts and freshly ground coffee.

I don’t usually label books by target age here.  This blog may have started with a Juv/YA focus, but I believe any story can appeal to any reader.  A person is never too old or (for the most part) too young for a story.  I may occasionally mention target audiences if they’re relevant, but ultimately, I believe readers are savvy enough to choose their own adventures.


  1. I love that you focus on children’s literature – and that you avoid labeling the books you read with an age limit. I never really read any books until a couple years ago, and I’ve been slowly catching up on the books I would have read as a kid, if I’d taken the time. I have loved them – just as much in adulthood, as I would have in childhood, I think. They remind me of innocence and magic. Cheers, and best wishes with this! 🙂

    • Thanks! For whatever reason, most of my favorite stories — especially the fantasy/folklore ones — have been found in the Children’s or YA section, and I’ve finally stopped feeling “childish” about that. Or at least, the negative connotation of “childish” 😉

      Thanks for following, and best wishes with your reading journey, too!

  2. Nerija…signed up to receive your blogs….ordered Dreams of Significant Girls from the library…I see a film in it..

    • Thanks, Lily! Yes, I could imagine a film based on Dreams, too. I’ll be posting again soon, catching up on all the reading I’ve done in the past few weeks…now that I’ve come down from my Sherlock cloud 🙂

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