About Me


I’m a former instructor of Rhetoric and Composition and an aspiring writer of children’s and young adult fiction, with a focus on re-imagining folk- and fairy tales.  Accordingly, many of my posts will be on fairy-tale-related books.  I’m especially interested in stories of water spirits such as selkies, undines, and ciguapas.

Some of my favorite recycled fairy tales include Rapunzel’s Revenge, by Shannon and Dean Hale; Seal Child (note: the School Library Journal review contains spoilers), by Sylvia Peck; Sirena, by Donna Jo Napoli; and Wildwood Dancing, by Juliet Marillier.  I also recommend No Rest for the Wicked, an in-progress webcomic by Andrea L. Peterson.

I don’t give age ranges for the books I discuss – though my blog focuses on books specifically targeted to children and young adults, I believe a story can appeal to any reader, and a person is never too old or, for the most part, too young for a story.  In fact, I may occasionally discuss books not specifically targeted to a Juv/YA audience if I think they’ll appeal to younger readers as well.  Ok, sometimes I may say if a book is targeted at a middle-grade or teen or whatever audience, if I feel it’s a relevant point about what the book/author is trying to accomplish, and I’ll generally warn if a book contains language or concepts that may be inappropriate for readers +/- younger than 13.  Other than that, though, I’ll stick to talking about the story itself, and why I love or don’t love it.

Credits:  The blog header is a modified excerpt from my collage, “Summer Daydream.”

6 Responses to About Me

  1. Jillian ♣ says:

    I love that you focus on children’s literature – and that you avoid labeling the books you read with an age limit. I never really read any books until a couple years ago, and I’ve been slowly catching up on the books I would have read as a kid, if I’d taken the time. I have loved them – just as much in adulthood, as I would have in childhood, I think. They remind me of innocence and magic. Cheers, and best wishes with this! 🙂

    • Nerija S. says:

      Thanks! For whatever reason, most of my favorite stories — especially the fantasy/folklore ones — have been found in the Children’s or YA section, and I’ve finally stopped feeling “childish” about that. Or at least, the negative connotation of “childish” 😉

      Thanks for following, and best wishes with your reading journey, too!

  2. Lily says:

    Nerija…signed up to receive your blogs….ordered Dreams of Significant Girls from the library…I see a film in it..

    • Nerija S. says:

      Thanks, Lily! Yes, I could imagine a film based on Dreams, too. I’ll be posting again soon, catching up on all the reading I’ve done in the past few weeks…now that I’ve come down from my Sherlock cloud 🙂

  3. Lily Miceli says:

    Nerija..always glad to get your postings.

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