#SeaWitch Saturday: A Super-Natural Hiatus

#SpookySzn’s Greetings, Boooookwyrms! It’s Fright Night weekend in Fort Wayne, which seemed like the perfect time for a review of my favorite witchy self-help guides and such, but…

I’ve been tired. The usual seasonal malaise has been compounded by the lingering effects of getting COVID a few months ago, which is seriously dampening my usual October creative energies.

I genuinely wanted to do my usual Halloween Month extravaganza, but I just don’t have the mental or physical capacity rn. So I’m going to follow one of the most basic self-care tenets and respect that my inner spirits are saying “Nope.”

I may or may not still post a November Siren Says, but in any case, I wish you all a very Happy Halloween Season! I, for one, am partaking in ALL the pumpkin-spiced shenanigans and reveling in my own personal brand of autumnal glamour (i.e. fashion) magic. See my instagram for the highlights (link in sidebar/footer)!

Open roads, kind fires, and sweet tides, Bookwyrms!


1/100th of an Altairian dollar for your thoughts?

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