Finfolk Friday: Upcoming Sidhe-nanigans

Autumnal greetings, Bookwyrms! It’s been a while, but never fear — your friendly neighborhood sea witch is back with some news and upcoming reviews!

First, you may have noticed a new tab in the menu bar. In addition to my regular Sonic Chihuahua Coffee Grotto feature, I’m trying my hand at a micro-zine of my own. It’s called Siren Says (sea what I did there? 😉), and I’m hoping to post one issue per month on the aforementioned page.

If you’d like a physical copy via snail mail, let me know! I have a ko-fi page where you can leave a small donation ($3 minimum) as well as your mailing info. Otherwise, check the Siren Says page each month for the PDF copy (and follow this blog to be notified when I post them)!


Speaking of Sonic Chihuahua, the July/August issue is out now and it features an interview with YOURS TRULY, NeriSiren!

GIF image of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, marching forward, pumping her fist down like a Boss Queen and shouting, ME!!

Learn my #RealLifeMermaid origin story, my best coffee-making tips and coffeehouse recs, some BTS info on my very DIY mer-formance photography, and more! See Angélique for a copy, or to subscribe!


Finally…*consults sundial, peruses star chart*…it’s October tomorrow! 🎃👻😈🥳. You know what that means, Booookwyrms. It’s time for my favorite Postcards tradition, which I am now calling NeriSiren and the Month of Hallows.

Artistically edited selfie with purple mermaid wig and dinglehopper crown, staring mysteriously into a mirror with a spooky grey sky and crescent moon in the background, some thin black branches in the left edge foreground, and a purple mist forming next to me, emanating from my mystical witchy aura.

This year’s theme is Witchy Vibing. I’ve been low-key into the whole witchcraft scene for the past half-year — in a very amateur, info-gathering capacity. Call me witch-curious. I haven’t done any spells or made any crystal grids, or anything like that (though I did attend a Pagan Pride festival last weekend); I’m mostly focused on the self-care and emotional empowerment of it all. And, of course, the wicked-rad anti-patriarchy vibes.

I am still working on my Bowie-themed tarot deck (see my instagram story highlights — link in sidebar or footer. I’m probably going to stick to the Major Arcana for now…this 30-odd sea witch only has so much crafting energy, y’know?), but I don’t intend to get super serious or methodical about it. I’m considering it more like a set of mindfulness prompts — things to focus on or look out for.

They could even be good story prompts!


So! Any big plans of your own for this Falloween season? New projects to show & tell? Sound off in the comments!


Legally Blonde GIF from tenor.

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