Finfolk Friday: I’m…published!

Edit: I know. It’s Thursday. I’m just SO EXCITED! 😅

Hold my coffee, Bookwyrms. I’m about to do a Dance Magic Dance as I open the now-officially fictional doors of NeriSiren’s Coffee Grotto!

GIF image of a ribbon cutting ceremony with giant scissors. And the crowd goes wild!

So, remember that totally rad new zine I told you about in June, created by Angélique Jamail of Sappho’s Torque? Part literary journal, part blog-in-print-form, all subversively wholesome punk musings about vampire movies and Kafka-esque B&Bs?

A little while ago, Angélique put out a call for contributors, and, to misquote a Harry & the Potters song, I HAD TWO THUMBS AND A TOTALLY METAL IDEA SO I SAID HOW ‘BOUT ME! 🙌

Cut to the just-released October issue of Sonic Chihuahua (time is an outdated social construct and sometimes Real Life is a real witch, amirite?)…

Orange front cover of Sonic Chihuahua, October 2021 issue.  The logo is a minimalist sketch of a chihuahua’s face.  The October features include: Embracing my inner Goth part one, NeriSiren’s Coffee Grotto, zeitunes (seriously!), convo with renaissance woman Christa Forster, a Top Five list not to be missed, and poetry and art.

…featuring the inaugural Coffee Grotto menu and seasonal playlist!


Close up of my coffee grotto menu.  The first drink is a Sugar High AF Mocha.  It’s a random blend of candy flavored syrups with three shots of espresso and your choice milk.  Your parents will be delighted when you call just to chat all night about zombie space unicorns.

The second drink is a Ghosted Chai. It’s a barely spiced tea with a not quite hint of stale marshmallow that leaves you wondering if you actually tasted anything at all.
Such whimsy!
Close up of Today’s Playlist.  Creepy Carnival Mix, featuring Haunted Midway by Prelude to a Nightmare, Twisted Carousel by Derek and Brandon Fiechter, and Jelly Monsters by Mr. Stix.

There’s a bat doodled in the right margin, with a handwritten caption that says “I don’t say bleh, bleh, bleh…”
So Goth!
The coffee grotto logo, sketched against an edgy black circular background, is a mermaid whose torso is barely connected to the tail, which curls around to meet the head, forming a rough circle.  The fluke is so thin it looks like seal flippers, and there are two sharp side fins just above the fluke. A glowing black coffee cup floats next to the mermaid’s head.
Fin-TASTIC logo by the incomparable Han. Caffeinated Selkie Corpses FTW!!! 🙌

* * * * *

Intrigued, Bookwyrms? Want to join the 90stalgic revolution? Write to SonicChihuahuaZine [at] gmail [dot] com for subscription info! For just $5 per month (or however much you’d like to contribute), regular subscribers get TWO copies in the mail! And if we get 100 paid subscribers per month, Angélique will write totally new fiction for each issue!

Full disclosure: As a contributor, I get a small cut of the proceeds. Which I’ll probably use to buy more coffee.

GIF image of a mug and a paper coffee cup fist bumping with the words Coffee Time above them, in the style of the Adventure Time logo.  There’s even a gleaming horizontal green sword slicing through the word Time.



Ribbon Cutting GIF from giphy.

Coffee Time GIF from giphy.


1/100th of an Altairian dollar for your thoughts?

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