Psych! Scaredy Cat Bingo!

Bwahaha, Bookwyrms! 😈 I actually have one more bit of Halloween mischief to manage: sharing my Scaredy Cat Bingo results!

I did, in fact, get a Bingo!

The scare-tastic reads that got me there:

Strange Fiction: Haunted New England, by Mary Bolte. Weird tales of witches, shipwrecks, bad karma and the restless dead, with eerily abstract black and white photos by Mary Eastman. I mentioned this one a while back, when I read the first few witchy tales. Achievement Unlocked: another bite out of my Tsundoku stack!

Howl at the Moon: An Autumn Tale, by David Updike. Do were-pumpkins count? A boy transforms himself into a pumpkin on the full moon before Halloween, and follows the trees deep into the woods. Illus. by Robert Andrew Parker, who also did Seal Child, by Sylvia Peck! 😃

Monster Mash: A Zombie Ate My Cupcake, by Lily Vanilli. A bite-sized recipe book with 25 goofy Halloween cupcakes. The print version text is microscopic, so go with the ebook instead. The photos are fun, though!

Bloody Good: Goddess of Filth, by V. Castro. Ok, teeeechnically, I read this in September; I didn’t realize the time frame changed for this year’s Bingo. 😰

Anyhoo, it’s The Craft meets Indiana Jones meets The Exorcist, but if the hero wasn’t the exorcist. Insolent girls and vengeful goddesses FTW! Full review here.

Oh the Humanity! BSC Mystery #17: Dawn and the Halloween Mystery. Dawn and the We ❤️ Kids Club investigate a series of armed robberies, one of which Dawn witnessed up close. But the clown-masked creep perpetrating the crimes isn’t at all whom they expected.


Anyone else do the Scaredy Cat Bingo this year? What were some of your Hallows Month reads?

Thank you, Kristen Brand, for introducing me to this challenge! 😈👍


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