We are how we treat each other and nothing more: a song for the solstice

Happy Yule, Bookwyrms! Inspired by Angélique’s 12 Days of Seasonal Earworms, I’d like to share a unique song from one of my Christmas playlists.

I say unique because it’s not explicitly a Christmas song, but I associate it as such because it was featured in an NCIS Christmas episode seven years ago. It resonates especially this year because that episode (“Homesick”) was about a(n albeit small-scale) medical outbreak that has a happy ending and a message about having faith that we’ve stopped plagues before and we’ll do it again.

The song itself also reminds me that, as much as possible, I need to treat other people with extra kindness and generosity right now. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and if that’s not possible, pick my battles. I don’t need to respond verbally to everything I disagree with. To put it in writerly terms: Show, Don’t Tell. Live my values and save my (public) outrage for when and how it’s going to be most helpful rather than just overwhelming people with bad news.

Any songs you associate with the December holidays even though they’re not technically about any holiday? Any songs you find particularly effective in keeping you going right now? Anyone else get a kick out of reading Angélique’s list of previous Seasonal Earworm segment titles? 😆


  1. What a lovely song! 🙂 An album that I always associate with Christmas — just because I received it for Christmas in 11th grade shortly after it came out — is Harry Connick, Jr.’s We Are in Love. And then of course the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack, also by him, and that feels like a quintessential holiday movie, too.

    • Yes! “When Harry” is a quintessential New York New Year’s Eve movie! It’s all about new beginnings and second (or third, etc) chances.

      And I love the big band shout-our-love-from-the-rooftops sound of “We Are In Love” (and also that he throws in the word “indubitably” 😂).

  2. I used to listen a lot to different songs. I had songs for writing motivation, crafting, and whatnot, but now I tend to use music as a means of white noise. I’m particularly fond of going onto YouTube and listening to Nightcore and their take on popular songs.

    Love NCIS! That is all.

    • Nice! I’m constantly using music as white noise. The room starts to feel a bit empty without it, or I get a little too sucked into whatever I’m doing, to a stressful degree. A good soundtrack keeps me balanced.

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