Happy Merroween!

This is what happens when there’s a Blue Moon on Halloween. 🤷‍♀️

Have a very glam rock night, Bookwyrms! Tell me about your most memorable Trick or Treat shenanigans, past or present! How did you adjust this year’s festivities?


  1. You look fabulous! We usually have a few trick or treaters but I’m not sure if we had any tonight. I left some candy out on a big platter on our front step, but if any was taken it was hard to tell.

    • Thank you! Yeah, trick-or-treating was such a hit-or-miss situation this year. We ended up underestimating the number of kids. We actually ran out of candy halfway through a single group. 😫 They were totally cool about it, though.

  2. Omg, best costume of the night by far 🙂

    We didn’t give out candy this year. Instead we all hung out in the house together with pizza and giggles

    • Thank you! 😀 And that sounds so incredibly cozy! I think pizza and giggles should be the answer to everything. Stressful day? Pizza and giggles. Congressional gridlock? Pizza and giggles. Existential anxiety? Pizza and giggles!

    • Nice! That happened to us last year. We donated the remaining bags to a local group that was making care packages for the troops.

      And thank you! This may be my favorite costume so far.

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