Bingo update: splashing toward the finish line!

We’re almost there, Bookwyrms!  Just one square to go and I’ll complete my Armed With a Bingo Board!  Before I finish my last book of the challenge, I wanted to explain a change in plans, regarding the “Book I Saw Someone Else Reading” square.

Originally, I intended to read A Song Below Water, by Bethany C. Morrow, which I “saw” someone reading on Instagram (via the #amreading tag).  But as I reach the halfway point, I realize that this is not the kind of book I want to rush through, or even give myself a deadline for.  First, the subject matter is too important and I don’t want to miss anything by hurrying through the plot.  When I review the book, I want to have given it my full attention and reflection.

Second, as amazing as this book is, there are certain scenes — namely, the interactions between Tavia and her father, Effie and her grandmother, and one particular flashback — that feel a bit too triggering to power through because they deal with emotional abuse and self harm that borders on attempted suicide.

Basically, this is a book I need to take in sips, not gulps.

Therefore, I’ve decided to count Mariko Tamaki’s The Moon is Up — which I reviewed in my Summerween post — for the “Saw Someone Reading” tag (seen being read here).

How are your Bingo challenges going, Bookwyrms?  Any surprises or changes-of-plans?


  1. I can totally appreciate needing to take some books at a slower pace.

    I currently have two books I’ve been trying to read. One of them came from someone just before we stopped talking. Just the sight of it reminds me of bad times, though I’m sure the story is thrilling. The second one is a book written by a friend. I want to read it, but the guilt over not reading the first one is holding me back. So, that’s where I’m at with books. Don’t even get me started on the writing hiccups! lol

    • Oh, yes, I can absolutely understand feeling conflicted about a book that was a gift from someone who brings you heartache. And TBR guilt is so real… I have a few gift books I haven’t gotten to, as well. 😭

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