#FinfolkFriday: Come to the California Mercon, quarantine edition!

What has two fins and is going to the California (online) Mercon next weekend (July 10-12)?  THIS MER-GAL!

GIF of everyone's favorite feisty ginger mermaid, Ariel, waving one hand manically with her eyes bugged out and a cheek-straining grin. I'm a little scared for whoever she's waving at...

And you can, too!  The whole convention is digital this year — all the panels will be presented via Zoom, and half of them are free (the ones that aren’t are between $10 and $15 each).  You can register for the events separately or buy a weekend pass (good for everything except the children’s “swim sessions”) and they’ll e-mail you a list of Zoom log-on IDs.

Hint:  I did the math and, if you want to attend all the paid sessions, the $62 weekend pass is your best bet.  Separately, they add up to $105.

I’m personally looking forward to the Dive Bar Mermaids’ Q&A, the Society of Fat Mermaids Panel, the Representation Panel, and the Bubble Ball (finally, a reason to break out the glitter & Mochi eye shadows, the face scale stickers, and the sequined ocean top…ok, as if I really needed a reason, but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).

Fin-terested?  Sail over to CaliforniaMermaidCon.com and check out the schedule!  Also, I think there’s still time to enter the Sand Castle Contest — create a fluke-friendly palace out of natural or man-made materials, snap a few pics, and send it to the Mercon team for a chance to win prizes!  This is my entry for the “All that Glitters and Sparkles” category.

GIF image of David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King in the movie Labyrinth, saying "Time is short." Gods, I love the way that blond wig dances in the breeze.


“Hey Wave” GIF from Tenor.
“Jareth” GIF from Giphy.


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