NeriSiren is #armedwithabingo!

Merry Mardi Gras, bookwyrms! I hope your Tuesday is filled with lots of dancing, glitter, and a heaping plateful of sugary goodness.  I know that package of Girl Scout s’mores is going to go very well with my favorite coffee roaster’s Mardi Gras blend (it’s supposed to have hints of toasted marshmallow).

A bag of Samba coffee, by Colectivo Coffee Roasters. The bag is black, with a Mardi Gras design, including pink and yellow fireworks and a pink Venetian mask with giant pink and yellow feathers.

At the end of last year, I was feeling slightly less than optimistic about my 2020 reading/blogging outlook.  However, I’m pleased to say I underestimated myself so far.  It helps, of course, that I also overestimated the amount of IRL stuff I’d have to deal with, but mostly it’s because I’m more awesome than I expected ;-D  To celebrate my progress and give myself further motivation, I’ve decided to take part in a blogging challenge!

Kriti Khare of Armed With a Book and Ariel of @arielreads are hosting the Armed With a Bingo Challenge, a game with 25 reading prompts that can lead to rad readerly prizes.  Best of all, it’s not a race; the challenge lasts all year, and even the prize for completing all 25 prompts is open to everyone who reaches it.

I’ll be keeping track of my progress here @ Postcards and on Twitter (@nerisiren358).

Wish me luck, and join in yourselves!  Registration is open until March 15th.

NeriSiren's Armed With a Bingo board.


  1. I shall wish you luck! Good luck! Also, I will try to help with a few of those (borrowed books / recommended books). You already know that I recommended the Enchanted Forest Chronicles 🙂 I’ll look and see if there are any others you might enjoy 😛

    • I’d love some recommendations! The second Patricia Wrede book it definitely on my TBR list. Also, maybe you could nonchalantly bring a book to the next meeting so I can fill in the “saw someone reading” box 😉

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