Ten years under hill, over dale, beneath the waves, on faery trails…

Happy December, Bookwyrms and La-La Landers everywhere!

Ariel Christmas tree

Welcome to the final Year-End Review of the 2010s!  Ten years ago, 24-year-old Neri decided to ignore the call of Srs Adulthood and instead doubled down on her obsession with stories for and about the wee folk.  Rather than enjoying my mermaids and unicorns and changelings and California twin alien adventures in private, I decided to flaunt my inner child on the Internet.  Like the rogue god Elihu in Bruce Coville’s The Last Hunt, I decided to bring my dream world into concrete existence.

And thus, on October 14th of 2010, La-La Land was born and I began writing “postcards” inviting bookwyrms of all ages to join me in my imaginary travels.  Ten years later, the madness has neither settled nor subsided — no, I’ve quadrupled down on my head-in-the-clouds act, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality through Out-of-Book Experiences (a.k.a. literary travels) and fantasy cosplaying (particularly of the #reallifemermaid variety).


This year, rather than summing up my favorite books of 2019 (I started this blogging season late, gave only two books 4-or-more stars, and prefer to give the books I haven’t yet reviewed their own posts in 2020), I’m going to review La-La Land itself!

Read on…


Little Mermaid Christmas clipart from Disneyclips


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