Salted caramel, with extra foam…

An October Report, of sorts.

Due to Real World complications and Other Projects, I’m taking a bit longer to read the latest October Days novel than I’d hoped.  Therefore, rather than a full book review, I would like to offer a brief preview of The Unkindest Tide, by way of some fanfiction-ey cosplaying!

Meet Neringa, the friendly merrow coffee barista who works in the marketplace of the Duchy of Ships!  She’s ready to keep hundreds of selkie, merrow, Cephali, and other Undersea customers — as well as the few land-side visitors — fully caffeinated during the Sea Witch’s Convocation.

What’s that?  The book never actually mentions Neringa or her fabulous coffee stall?  Well, Toby’s a reformed caffeine addict, so she wouldn’t have had any reason to remember the bubbly bean queen who offered her a salted caramel macchiato or a foam-frosted espresso cupcake (recipe here), but Neri was definitely there!

Originally from the Baltic Sea, Neri honors her heritage by emblazoning an image of Eglė, Queen of Sea Serpents on all of her (biodegradable) drink-ware.

Oh, and Neri is definitely on Team Dianda — the true Duchess of Saltmist!  To Davy Jones with all who threaten the Lorden family!


Happy Halloween, Postcardians!

P.S. Sail over to Instagram for more pics of Neri the coffee mermaid, as well as my amazing zombicorn outfit from last weekend’s Zombie Walk!


  1. LOVE! Your costume is awesome and I love the fact that you’ve created a character in the world of The Unkindest Tide. It makes the story more real–and now it’s being added to my to-read list because I’m very interested xD Can’t wait for your review! Happy Halloween to you, too!

    • SQUEE! Adding new recruits to the Toby fandom is one of my favorite quests! No pressure, of course, but I do earn brownie points for every new recruit. That is, I earn favors from the local brownie population. I’m saving up for a Full Knowe Renovation.

      I could be a responsible fangirl and encourage you to start from the beginning (the first book is called Rosemary and Rue), but I, myself, started with Book 5 (One Salt Sea) because I wasn’t willing to wait to get to the Undersea. The protagonist herself has never been a fan of doing things the proper or traditional way, either…though, she *is* a fan of postponing any adventures involving underwater submersion, so there’s that…

      P.S. Your Chewbacca costume was also pretty badass 🙂

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