Grimm and Grimmer: twisted fairy tales for more mature trick-or-treaters

We continue our Halloween journey, collecting five scary tales for middle-grade and older readers.  The Scare-o-Meter ratings are more varied here; the mildest story gets a 5, the scariest one a solid 10.

These stories teach us Very Important Lessons, like:

  • It’s ok to express our dark sides in stories, as long as we know the difference between fictional horror and real-life violence.
  • Sometimes, we’re not faced with a straightforward battle between Good and Evil.  Sometimes, we have to consider the “scary” side’s point of view.
  • Sometimes, life is just really, really unfair, and it’s not your fault.

But there are also a few problematic messages, like:

More you know 2

  • The solution to unspeakable violence is…more violence.

If you’re still feeling brave enough, follow me to a forbidden forest filled with demons, cannibals, and (squee!) zombicorns.

Into the Woods, Into the Woods!


Animated GIF images are from Tenor and Giphy.
Modified pumpkin patch clip-art originally from


  1. I don’t know that any of these sound particularly thrilling to me, but I’ve never been much of a horror reader (or watcher if we count television). I do, however, enjoy the safe snippets about the stories! It’s safer and I still catch a glimpse of the realm or nightmares. That being said, I can’t wait to see what you read next!

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