My Top 6 bookish podcasts

First, a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave me their uplifting book recommendations in response to my last post.


I am definitely going to check some of those out this Fall and Winter.  I’m especially looking forward to re-reading the Sherlock Holmes stories (to be supplemented with viewings of the Jeremy Brett adaptations), and I might even give Howl’s Moving Castle another chance, now that I’ve read some other perspectives on it.  Plus, sj reminded me that I’ve been wanting to try out the surreal Dreaming Books series.

In addition to cozy books, I’ve been seeking out fun bookish podcasts to listen to on the way to work.  These used to be a rare feature in my car; I was much more likely to spend my car rides with David Bowie, Clannad, and Belle & Sebastian.

Then, in late 2016, I discovered an Australian fairy tale show called Singing Bones, and began using Apple Podcasts more often.  But it wasn’t until last May that the madness really ensued.  That was when, while I was checking for new episodes of Singing Bones, the Irish Double Love podcast popped up under Shows You Might Like, promising plenty of Sweet Valley nostalgia.

And after bingeing all available episodes, I went into another withdrawal.  Which was when I started exploring other nostalgic and folklorish podcasts.

And so!  The following are my current Top 6 Bookish Podcasts, in descending order (roughly) of how obsessed I am with them.  Why Top 6?  Because I’m that obsessed!

Read on…


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