Halloween board books for the youngest goblins (and anyone who likes a fun story)

Halloween Month continues with the following series of seasonal stories for the youngest readers.  Today, we are going to look at five board books perfect for getting babies and toddlers (and anyone who enjoys a fun story) into the spirit of the season.

First, an ode to a classic Halloween treat, and other things shaped like it:


Candy Corn is a cat who loves looking for all sorts of triangle shapes on Halloween.



It’s a short book, showing five triangle-shaped items before ending with a wish that “Halloween went on and on!”  Be sure to check out the other Halloween shape books by Kelly Asbury:  Frankensquare and Witch Dot.  Apparently, they all glow in the dark!

* * *

Next, the tale of a wiener dog who goes from joke butt to hometown hero on Halloween night.


It’s not Oscar’s fault he reminds everyone of an Oscar Mayer wiener.


All the other dogs at obedience school (and the neighborhood cats) make fun of him, and his mother doesn’t help when she makes him a hot dog costume for Halloween.  Not wanting to hurt her feelings, Oscar agrees to wear it, secretly expecting this Halloween to be a bummer.


Little does he know that tonight will be an opportunity for some Halloween heroism.

It’s an adorably funny story about discovering your talents and using what you have to help others.  Also, that dog catcher costume is the cleverest, amirite?

* * *

Third, a tribute to the Halloween tradition of Trunk or Treating:

Trunk or Treat

It’s apparently a tradition at some schools, churches and in rural areas for people to decorate their cars like parade floats, fill their trunks with goodies, and gather in big parking lots for children to trick or treat from car to car.  The book follows one girl and her family as they attend their own Trunk or Treat festival, starting their journey with a Noah’s Ark car:

Trunk or Treat2
Friendly PSA: “Native American” is a diverse group of living cultures, guys, not a Halloween costume.

And moving on through pirate cars and Wild West cars, and so on.  This book will inspire readers to find their nearest Trunk or Treat festival, or even start one of their own!

* * *

Fourth, a lift-the-flap/pop-up book full of creepy crawlies.


Halloween Bugs4

Halloween Bugs5

Who’s behind the magical door?  And the whimsical door?  And the rusty iron door?  Just lift the flaps to find out!  The story ends with all the creepy crawlies gathering in a graveyard full of funny tombstones (srsly, be sure to read each one 🙂 ).

* * *

Finally, a hilarious book about a group of chickens who apparently didn’t get the memo about Halloween.

Eek! Halloween!

“There’s a big round moon in a dark, dark sky.  The chickens are nervous.  Do you know why?  It’s because…”

Eek! Halloween! 2

Flickery-eyed pumpkins, witches and wizards, ducks with  monster feet…what could it mean?!  Silly chickens, it’s just Halloween!  This book is an awesome addition to the Boynton library of goofy animal tales.  These bug-eyed, bewildered chickens are sure to elicit plenty of giggles from your favorite trick or treaters this Halloween.

* * *

How about you, Postcardians?  Do you have any favorite Halloween board books that aren’t on this list?


  1. Bahaha these are great! I’m going to have to check out EEK! Halloween! xD It looks AWESOME!

    If You’re Spooky and You Know It by Aly Fronis is very cute! And it’s great for storytimes because it’s interactive and uses a well known song!

    Thanks for sharing!

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