2014 Favorites

Edit 02/07/15:  Ack! I missed a few.  See the amended “More Books” section, below.

Let’s take a quick look back at 2014…

  • My favorite books reviewed here @ Postcards:
    (click on each cover for the review)

AnnieOnMyMind2  Black Unicorn  FairyTaleComics cover  NurseryRhymeComics

  • Favorite books reviewed at Insatiable Booksluts:
    (click on each cover for the review)

How-A-Mother-Weaned-Her-Girl-375x469   Marshland-cover-188x300   Transformations Sexton

  • Favorite Re-read:

Number the Stars
, by Lois Lowry.  The last time I’d read this was in grade school, and I’d forgotten how beautiful it is.  My favorite passage:

“Where is his bodyguard?” the soldier had asked. 
     “And do you know what the boy said?” Papa had asked Annemarie. She was sitting on his lap. She was little, then, only seven years old. She shook her head, waiting to hear the answer. 
     “The boy looked right at the soldier, and he said, ‘All of Denmark is his bodyguard.’” (pp. 13-14)
. . .
She turned to her father. “Papa, do you remember what you heard the boy say to the soldier? That all of Denmark would be the king’s bodyguard?” 
     Her father smiled. “I have never forgotten it,” he said. 
     “Well,” Annemarie said slowly, “now I think that all of Denmark must be bodyguard for the Jews, as well.” 
     “So we shall be,” Papa replied. (p. 25)

  • More books:

Chimes at Midnight, by Seanan McGuire:  The one where Toby finally gets herself banished from the Kingdom of Mists.  And discovers Shocking Revelations while trying to stop the goblin fruit epidemic (in this world, goblin fruit is a recreational drug that’s fun for purebloods, but deadly to changelings and humans).  And we finally learn the Luidaeg’s real name!

fables and ficciones~ ~ ~

Fables and Ficciones, by Carol Lay.  A collection of short one-shot comics about humans (mostly) and the weird situations we get into.  There’s a man who can’t stop moving, and when he finally forces himself to stand still, something unexpected happens.  There’s a woman who follows a series of story-telling billboards to an unexpected conclusion.  There’s a boy who gets to choose his own name on his tenth birthday, with unexpected results.  You see the pattern; each story has a punchline.  It’s a quick read, the kind you can breeze through in an hour or two.

                                         ~ ~ ~

Katya's WarKatya’s War, by Jonathan L. Howard.  Even more of a thrill ride than the first book.  Katya is like a 16-year-old James Bond (as played by Daniel Craig), especially with her ability to show a cool, smart-aleck attitude under duress.  And as with the previous book, Jonathan Howard defies the traditional model of female-centered YA by not giving Katya a love interest.

Definitely also check out the companion story, “Mojito Doomsday,” which is set on another planet in the Russalka Chronicles universe, and which is apparently going to be important in later books.

              ~ ~ ~

The Lost Voices trilogy, by Sarah Porter.  This is the most realistic portrayal I’ve read of Lost Voices1what it would be like for mermaids to exist in the real world.  Finding food and shelter, avoiding orcas, talking and thinking like real teenagers (including the occasional swear word).  Just a warning – the books could be very triggery for anyone who’s experienced abuse, including sexual assault.  There is occasional goriness, too, especially in the second and third books, so I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with a really sensitive stomach.  But personally, I think the gory scenes are balanced out well with some of the most beautiful ocean imagery ever.  Expect a longer review soon.

            ~ ~ ~


The Sandman comics, vols. 1-6.  Surreal.  Scary.  Profound.  Beautiful.  Freaking scary.  These stories delve into folklore, philosophy, religion, metafiction, graphic horror, and more, and must be approached with caution (did I mention the graphic horror? Also, some nudity) and an open mind re: religion.  Gaiman’s art and concepts will seriously blow your mind.

My favorite volumes so far are A Doll’s House and A Game of You, which are effectively one long story arc, though separated by two volumes.

The Insatiable Booksluts did a read-a-long last year, with a discussion post for every two volumes.

~ ~ ~

What were some of your 2014 favorites?  Least favorites?  Any books you’re particularly looking forward to reading this year?


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