2012 Favorites

Well, I guess it’s that time again!  The following are my favorite books read in 2012, in alphabetical order.  Not all of these will make it into the master Favorites list, but they were enjoyable enough to include here.  Click each cover for my original review.

Bad-Austen  Breadcrumbs  CatFiddle

catching fire   HarryAHistory   InSeaSaltTears

The Last Unicorn  LastUnicorngraphicnovel


mockingjay Northanger Abbey  OneSaltSea

PassionPoison  sweethearts-of-rhythm  BeedleTheBard

 Whalesinger  WindWantedRest  WonTon

And here are a few 2012 favorites still To Be Reviewed:

I'll be reviewing the Unicorn Chronicles as a whole once I finish The Last Hunt.   Moon runes and music and meta!   SherlockHolmesVol1

And a few in-progress reads I’m fairly sure will be in my 2013 list o’ favorites:

  SherlockHolmesVol2   LastHunt


    • Ooh, thanks for the link! I can’t believe it’s almost the 200th anniversary already!
      How is Suite Francaise so far? Is it the one by Irene Nemirovsky?

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