It’s also Halloween costume show-off time!  This was my third year in a row being Abby from NCIS. New features this year: the Caf-Pow logo printed out and pasted to a water bottle, and some temporary neck tattoos. Also, I decided to sneak in my other favorite fandom…despite his stance, I’m sure Bowie the Goblin King approves.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:  the results of the progressive Halloween story game!

. . . . . . . .

Voldemort, Sauron, and Frankenstein’s Monster walk into a bar.  The bartender glances up and without even so much as a blink or double-take turns to the glassware shelves.  The three look around and find a table near a window overlooking the yard.  With a heavy sigh, Voldemort says, “My friends, I have a problem and need some advice”.  Sauron and Frankenstein’s monster just roll their eyes… they have been here before with Voldemort. They all freeze just as the waiter brings their drinks – Guinness,Guinness and a Guinness.  As they raise their drinks the door to the bar opens and they are covered by the shadow of the person standing in the doorway bathed in light from the outside.

. . . . . . . .

Couldn’t find any spiderwebs, so I went with these bat wings and stylized flame thingies.

DUN DUN DUNNNNN!  Ok, so initially I’d said the game would end yesterday at 11:59 — but in a shocking and horrifying twist, I’ve decided to let the story continue! If interested, you may add further sentences in the comments.

What happens next?  Who is this mysterious stranger looming over the three villains as they try to enjoy their Guinnesses?  What is Voldemort’s super serious problem?  Why is the bartender so unconcerned by the appearance of these three very scary dudes?  SO MANY QUESTIONS!


  1. Voldemort realizes it’s time to confess he has had a secret – he has written a tell-all book about he and his friends.

    • The book reveals most of their darkest secrets (including photos from last year’s Mordor Christmas Party) as well as some of Voldy’s favorite cauldron cake recipes and inspirational quotes from Salazar Slytherin.

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