Cheesy Halloween game, anyone?

So, I stopped into my local Caribou Coffee this morning, and today’s trivia question was:  “What novel began as a competition among friends to write the best horror story?”  (shout out if you know the answer.  I can’t give you a coffee discount, but you’ll get virtual awesomeness points!  Or something.)

And after successfully showing off my English Major skillz, I thought — wouldn’t it be fun to play such a game here?  Only, a simpler/non-competitive version:

I’ll give you an intro sentence.

The first person to comment writes another sentence, continuing the story.

The second commenter writes a third sentence.

And so on.  You can comment more than once, but wait until at least two people have gone after your previous turn.  Be as serious or goofy as you like (though, of course, trollish/offensive comments will be deleted…not that I expect any of you lovely folks to do such a thing, but disclaimers are fun)

The game ends at 11:59 pm Tuesday (Central Time).  Sometime on Wednesday, I’ll combine all the sentences and post the resulting story.  Sound like fun?  😀

Here’s the sentence:  Voldemort, Sauron, and Frankenstein’s monster walk into a bar. 


  1. The bartender glances up and without even so much as a blink or double-take turns to the glassware shelves.

  2. Sauron and Frankenstein’s monster just roll their eyes… they have been here before with Voldemort. They all freeze just as the waiter brings their drinks – Guinness,Guinness and a Guinness.

  3. As they raise their drinks the door to the bar opens and they are covered by the shadow of the person standing in the doorway bathed in light from the outside.

1/100th of an Altairian dollar for your thoughts?

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