Bitter as a dragonbite

Image of a glowing jack-o-lantern against a black background, with a dragon carved into it.  The dragon has its skeletal wings outstretched.

And now this just caught my attention:  in her most recent post, Chelle from Tempting Persephone shared this poem by Peter S. Beagle, and it has such a deliciously eerie, haunting, October-appropriate tone and imagery that I want to pass it along.  Lines 3 and 4 are the ones that give me that shivery feeling Chelle mentions:

I hear the thunder moaning overhead,
Like some great creature dying in the night.

Here is the full poem:

Persephone in September
By Peter S. Beagle

The leaves are at my feet. The grass is dead.
The air is bitter as a dragonbite.
I hear the thunder moaning overhead,
Like some great creature dying in the night.
The winter wraps my shoulders like a shawl,
And I can taste the still unfallen snow.
The darkness comes like footsteps in the hall.
The winds reclaim the world, and I must go.

I take a road beyond the sight of eyes
That runs beyond the minds of walking men,
And only this I leave — a song that cries,
“Oh, I will surely, surely come again!”
And, knowing this, I turn my eyes and mark
My iron lover, crouching in the dark.

*  *  *  *  *

A belated Happy National Poetry Day to those in the UK!


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  1. Thanks for re blogging and sharing it!

    Lovely poem! I liked ‘the winds reclaim the world’ ….one can feel persephone’s despair….poor thing.

    • Oh yes, and it feels so appropriate on cold, windy days like today. I also like that bit of hope – “Oh surely, surely I will come again!” – that gives her the courage to walk into the winter world.

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