Come away, O human child…

Tempting Persephone‘s newest post has alerted me to the 6th annual Once Upon a Time reading challenge on the Stainless Steel Droppings blog.

What’s this?  A challenge that involves reading folklore- and fairy-tale-based works?  Away I fly to learn more!

And so, from now until June 19th I shall focus on the following quests within the challenge:



To read one book within each of the following categories:
Fantasy, Folklore, Fairy Tale, and Mythology.

To read Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” sometime in June, or watch one of the movie/theatrical incarnations.


To read one or more short stories, in any of the four categories, during any weekend from now until the challenge ends.


    • Thanks! And it looks like you have some great ones on your to-read list, too — Dragonsong is a fun one. I also recommend her Acorna the Unicorn Girl books, at least the first and second ones.

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