NOTE:  The following book was a free copy sent to me by Owl Kids, for review.  I received no compensation for my review, nor have I in any way been influenced by Owl Kids regarding the nature of my review.

Catherine Ripley.

Why? : The Best Ever Question and Answer Book About Nature, Science and The World Around You.  10th Anniversary Edition.

Illus. Scot Ritchie.

Toronto: Owlkids Books, Inc., 2010.



  • Why is soap so slippery?
  • Why do dandelions turn white and fluffy?
  • Is there a man in the moon?
  • Because invisible figure-skating pixies love playing with it.
  • Because it’s winter in dandelion world.
  • Yes.

Ok, fine – if you want the science-y answers, Catherine Ripley can tell you all about sliding water molecules and flying seeds and lunar geography.  Seriously, though, it’s cool stuff!  And Ripley explains it in a way that’s understandable to all ages.

But what about a question like, “Why do I have to go to the bathroom?”  For some, the answer might be, “Gee, look at the time, I’m late for…something.  Bye!”  Not Ripley, though – she handles the question both honestly and appropriately, without getting TMI.

(Don’t worry – “Where do babies come from?” isn’t in this book)

Overall, the questions (which were actually sent in by actual kids!) are divided into six sections –  Bathtime, Supermarket, Nighttime, Outdoor, Kitchen, and Farm Animal – and at the end of each section, Ripley adds a few extra facts for curious readers.

And for even more Q&A awesomeness, readers can look forward to How? : The Most Awesome Question and Answer Book about Nature, Animals, People, Places – and You!  Coming to booksellers May 2012!

. . . . .

Image credit:  Yumeka, “How Understandable is Anime Iconography?”  Mainichi Anime Yume:  Anime reveals truths that reality obscures.  Posted June 21, 2010.  Accessed Dec. 14, 2011.

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